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Thursday, July 06, 2006

What's up with North Korea

So the North Koreans have launched a missile and it failed. They then proceeded to launch another missile into the sea. Then they launched another one. And yet another one was soon launched. This was of course follwed by several more launches of missiles of various types. I'd give you an exact number but I have lost count. Since they are threatening to launch more I think others will soon loose count too.

Ok the first couple yes, scary. Now this is just gettign ridiculous. But hey if they keep this up they will run out of missiles sometime.

It seems to me that the Dear Leader, is just throwing a temper tantrum. Ok, it is a particularly interesting tempur tantrum, at least in the beginning. However, I think most of us are just getting bored and annoyed with it. He is behaving like a kid in a store who throws himself on the ground, and kicks and screams till he gets what he wants.

China is like the mom trying to calm him down. The rest of us are getting irritated, and just want to say to the mom, "hey just smack him." Of course we are all to polite to do this.

Maybe China should just get him a little choo-choo train to play with so he will be quiet again. The rest of us should just ignore N.K. After all the whole point of the tanrtum is to get attention. Nothing would make him madder if we all just said, "awe, how cute" and move on.



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