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Friday, July 14, 2006

Iran and Syria need to be held accountable.

My own question is, "what is the difference between murder, and hiring a hitman to kill someone, and how does this relate to Iran and Syria, and their relationship with the terrorists."

It seems that the both Iran and Syria supply both money and instructions to the terrorist groups. How is this different from a country hiring a mercenary army to attack another country. Maybe we should take a lesson from this. We could have just hired a mercenary company to attack Iraq, and then claimed that it wasn't us that did it.

Oh wait we already tried that with Cuba once. Strangely none believed we were just a disinterested third party. Why are both Syria and Iran giving a pass now?

Hezbollah and Hamas are both equivilent to a mercenary army in the emply of Syria and Iran. At least when the U.S. tried it we had the sensce to keep it secret. With both Syria and Iran, everyone knows they are doing it. Iraq was very open about his activities in funding the terrorsit groups.

If someone hires a hitman to kill someone, the person who hired the hitman is also guilty of murder. If a county hires a terrorist or mercenary group to attack another country, that country has committed an act of war. Israel is perfectly justified in going after both countries.



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