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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Fourth of July ~ Score Board

The country is now 230 years old.

That would be 11 Score and 10 years ago, *bounce*.

We might not have much history now, but we are still going strong.
It's not the history you have it's what you do with it.

Let's see when we started everyone was still ambievilant about this whole democracy thing. Now even North Korea calls itself a democracy. So truth, justice and the American way. Hee ... superman as a metaphor for America.

From nothing to leading power in the world in 230 years ... ok some in America have success guilt, but we can live with that.

We might not have been perfect in the beginning. Was the liberty bell deliberately sabotaged, so as to express the cracks in liberty in our early nation? But most of us recognize that we are not perfect, and we are trying to improve ourselves.

After all we might be a little bit divided now, but we are doing a heck of a lot better then we were at 4 score and 7. After which we managed to inch a bit more in the right direction. We might not be perfect in the past, but mostly we are looking forward to where we are going not where we have been.

The world pays attention to us. The thing which probably most annoys people in other countries is that we don't really think about them. That is unless they annoy us.



  • Well country - Portugal -has 863 years old...once we, with Spain, ruled the world...
    In my country we have yours...well two centuries are just a little chapter in a History book.
    You should ask your self why a country thal is still a baby deserves so much hate form so many people.
    I recomend you a simple thing: travel..and try to learn.
    Maybe, in the end of your travel you will become less american, but with luck you will become more human.

    By Blogger MNN, at 14/7/06 05:24  

  • I'm half German and can trace my family tree and history back to 1650. I am an army brat and have traveled extensively. Our country might be young, but at least we are not old and decrepit, and fixed in our ways.

    We are not really a young country. Every immigrant brings with them the history of the country they came from. We are not a young country, we are the citizens of the world, who got tired of our old countries. Our ancestors looked around said to hell with this, and left for a new country and a better life.

    Isn't it amazing how almost every body in every other country thinks about the United States now. Yet, the average person here couldn't give a fart about them.

    Put it this way look what we have achieved in a little over two centuries. Now look at what you have not achieved in over 800.

    By Blogger Baronger, at 14/7/06 05:47  

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