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Friday, May 19, 2006

I am Tiger hear me Roar - Catblogging Friday

I am tiger hear me Roar

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Actually it is more like, "I am kitty hear me yawn."

Like me the poor little kitty has been tired for the past two weeks. But then again, cats seem to be tired most of the time. She does however have no set time schedule, and can sleep anytime she wants (lucky cat).

So this is more of the way I'm going to be updating this blog. Instead of doing a daily, in order to emulate a newspaper, I will do a weekly periodical. Sort of like a weekly newsletter or perhaps a magazine. Still unsure of the format, if I should lump all the articles in one big go, or do each as a seperate entry.

Either that or I will just dedicate the blog to weekly cat blogging. Looking at a picture of a yawning cat, just makes one tired. Often I will lay down next to a sleeping cat, and instantly fall asleep. Kitty sleeping sickness appears to be highly contagious.


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