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Sunday, April 09, 2006

The winds of terrorism

It is that time of year again. The storm clouds darken on the horizon. People huddle in underground bunkers and in safe rooms. Sudden death and destruction threatens the country. People will die, property will be destroyed and lives forever altered. The destruction will be random, and nothing can be done to stop it. The only protection is an elite group of intelligence operators, trying to find out the next target. All they can do is warn people.

It is not fanatical terrorists which are to blame. In fact there is no terror at all. It is just a fact of life and sometimes death here in the Midwest. To use the newest internet meme, "Snakes on a Plane." Tornadoes happen, you deal and you move on. All that can be done is to keep an eye on the sky and go on with life as normal. These funnels of doom can do more damage in a year to America then any terrorist group could ever dream of.

Tornados are something which we just accept. We accept them because there is nothing that we can do about it. After all tornadoes are just a mindless force of nature. They come through at random, and we rebuild knowing that another may come through again. We don't sit around and worry about them, but in the back of our minds we always keep them in mind.

Is it possible to have this same attitude towards terrorism? The more I think about it, the more I think that the left side of the political spectrum does. The popular refrain seems to be, "you can't fight terrorism." If you can't fight it, then that means that it is simply a force you can't do anything about. Terrorists will strike at random and without warning, and people will just have to accept it, rebuild and move on. The best that can be done is to have intelligence agencies scan the horizon, and hopefully give early warning.

Yes a terrorist can be arrested, yet the underlying problems will just create a new one. Even the arrest of the terrorist will no doubt create another terrorist. Since nothing can be done we might as well do nothing. This seems to be the meme that is going around. A terrorist attack is just something we have to live with, like tornadoes.

Terrorism is just another form of crime. The lefts attitude toward crime seems to be exactly the same at that they have toward terrorism. It is not the criminal that is to blame, it is the society that produced him. There is no use in bringing hard punishments against the criminal since it is not his fault. Punishment won't deter crime, so why bother. Even taking the criminal off the street won't matter since society will keep producing them. Terrorism and crime are a faceless byproduct of the alienation of modern society.

It is faceless because in the big cities we are all lost in a faceless crowd. Privacy is important and easy to achieve since no one really knows anyone else. People can blend into and hide in the crowd. The police look over an undifferentiated sea of humanity, and have no idea who might be a criminal or a terrorist. In fact it is this very alienation which is the cause of so much angst and alienation which produce the destructive mind.

How is it that in small town mid-west America, terrorists are not thought of this way. This is the area of the country that knows tornadoes first hand. I have written briefly about this before. Is it because crime and terrorism are not faceless. That it is individuals and not society that is held accountable. The faceless mob is not dealt with, since there is no faceless mob. People deal with individuals and think of them as such. You might not know them personally yet you know someone who knows someone who does. Even the crazy old hermit is known, and talked about. In these communities there is no faceless person lost in anonymity. In fact anyone who tried, would be talked about and people would snoop about.

Terrorism for a lot of people is a problem like crime that can be solved. Is a person's attitude toward crime and punishment and indicator of their attitude towards terrorism? Is the basic meme difference even more simpler. Do you think of people first as individuals or as a member of a group? Is it more important to have policy that deals with individuals or that deals with group concerns? Is it more important to solve the group social issues to defeat terrorism or can one fight the terrorists?

So is the wind of terrorism something that is a force of human nature which can't be stopped. Is fighting terrorism as useless as spitting into the wind? I believe that it is possible to fight terrorism since my basic meme is that people are individuals first and a member of a group second.

Yet if my meme for the Lefts meme is correct, I think I can begin to see the Left's point. Yet everybody who lives in poverty does not commit crime, and everyone who lives in the Middle-East is not a terrorist. It all comes down to a personal choice in my mind. Terrorism is an idea, and ideas can be defeated, it is not an unstoppable force.

All battles and wars come down to the battleground behind a persons eyes. We just have to make sure that the enemy can't or won't fight no more. Terrorists are not a force of nature. A terrorist and a tornado can cause similar death and destruction. We might not be able to do anything about terrorists, but we shouldn't confuse them with a tornado.



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