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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Water day

This is the last of the introductory posts. Today is Water day, and I am dedicating it to water. Water posts will be dedicated to water. Be it symbolic, metaphoric or actual H2O. Water has a deep affect on the human soul. I could sit on the strand and stair out at the ocean forever. The sea has a soul and I love it so.

love to a pirate is the kiss of the salt breeze,
the curve of a white sail,
and the whisper of an enemy's well slit throat.

-The Pirate Movie

Jin in the Anime, Samurai Champloo, is an example of the use of water as metaphor. Water is often associated with calmness, stillness and inner peace. Yet one must always remember that it can be a destructive force. A calm pond or a raging sea; a spring shower or a torrential downpour, water can take many forms. It can be both a giver of life, or a taker of life.

The ocean is one of my true loves and most of the posts will focus on it. Also all things associated with the ocean such as the navy and things that go bump in the depths. The ocean engenders both love and respect.

It is approaching that time again where we must watch the ocean. It is coming up on hurricane season. It seems that we are in the upswing of the hurricane cycle, and we will experience a season like 2005. The season officialy starts on May 15th, yet it may kick off early. I hope people are better prepared this time.

My advice for everyone on the coast. Always keep a weather eye out. Make plans ahead of time. Have at least three days supplies on hand. Remember to care for your pets. Don't depend on the government for at least a week after the storm.

The sea is a harsh mistress but she is her own reward. Just give me a tall ship and a star to steer by. The sea is in our language and our thoughts.



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