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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Tree Day ~ The forest have we forgotten it?

Today is tree day or wood day as the case may be.

Today we shall contemplate the forest, which some of us can't see because of the trees.

It is sort of like the parable.

When I was young I looked out my window and saw a mountain.

I went off to study, and when I looked at the mountain all I saw were rocks, strata, snow and various aspects of ecology.

Then when I came home again I looked out and again saw a mountain.

However it was not the same mountain.

This can also be applied to the trees and the forest in which they dwell. Yes it is important to study the individual trees to understand how they function within the dark woods. Yet remember at the end one must step back and view the forest as a single entitity.

This is why interdicipline actievities are important. Sometimes we need to gather all the people together who have been examining the bits and pieces. Remember the elephant and the blind men who only studied specific bits of it. What a difference it would have made if those blind men, who thought an elephant was a snake, or a wall or perhaps even a snake; had sat down together an compared notes.

So let us all step back from our inspection of the trees, and meditate on the forest as a whole.



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