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Friday, April 28, 2006

Time is golden ~ A Golden Fridays Post

I really need to write shorter posts. However, to paraphrase Mark Twain, "I would have written a shorter article, but I didn't have enough time." Better yet is a quote from the staffer's sayings.

“Your briefing should be like a skirt: long enough to cover the important parts; short enough to be interesting…

A good editor helps an author cut their work down to size. To coin a mixed metaphor, "they are the mechanics that tightens the nuts and bolts on the old prose engine." Yet blogging is mostly a solo endeavor, so the blogger must be his own editor. The humble blogger must make due with his commentors and trackbackers. Everyone who reads a blog can contribute editorial comment, and do some of the editing and fact-checking. Ironicaly however, the blog must readable enough that people will post those comments.

The economy of the blogsphere runs on ideas. Everybody is putting out their memes, hoping to generate hits. In memenomics like economics, time is indeed money. The more time it takes for a reader to peruse the post, the more readers you will lose. Likewise the more time you put into crafting your post, the shorter and more concise it will be. Take time when crafting and presenting your memes, and you will be golden.

In the world of fan-fic, a solution was found. The beta reader, is the person who proofs and edits your fan-fic. Often this beta is someone who is familiar both with grammar and the genre of the fan-fic. Will this eventually happen in the Blogsphere? One of the key complaints of the MSM, is that the Blogsphere is an unedited free for all. To paraphrase the Instapundit, "commentors and other blogs are the editors that we rely on, and the speed of the internet makes editors unnecesarry."

I just need to take the additional time with my posts, and revise where needed. I need to remember to use some paraphrased rules of thumb. "Read twice, post once." "An edit in time saves nine." "Haste makes updates." "I will blog no post, before its time." "Polish your two cents till it shines like a silver penny." You are selling your ideas, in exchange for your readers time. Time is golden, remember memes are limitless but time is not. Make your meme a valuable commodity, that will be traded around the infosphere.

Bloggers are seeking the golden time of their readers. A well crafted meme will be brought. A rambling and incoherent thought, will be passed up by the astute reader. In the memenomics of the blogsphere, the choice of supplier for the reader is infinite. You must have a consistent supply chain full of well thought out and crafted memes. You have to price the time your reader must invest wisely. If your reader makes it to the end of your post, then you have succeeded.



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