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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Thursday is wood day

Thursday is now wood day.

Yes, but what does that mean?

"From the humble acorn, grows the mighty oak"

It is the day to blog about progress and diversity. From the most humble beginnings great things grow. Often in their growth there is often branching as new ideas and memes split off.

But how is this going to be applied to "wood" day

Thursday shall be dedicated to Human progress. Human progress from when we first emerged as a species and spread out over the world to today. Speculation about both the past and the present. A look at history, archaeology and the differences and similarities that is the human condition.

Currently this progress has lead us to the communication age. With the internet the small bud, is now blooming into flower. Blogs are a part of this, as now everyone can be a journalist. Though being a "journalist" is not a very good deffinition. The blog is the soapbox, or mountain top which enables everyone to speak his mind. It is nothing sort of the campfire circle, we all when we were all at the hunter/gatherer stage. Everyone got a say, not the elites who took over control of the fire.

In this blog I will devote Thursday's to this exploration. This blog is still at the acorn stage, but is at last sprouting. It has been dormant for a long while now. Mainly this was due to my cat coming down with cancer, and I abandoned the blog. I really had no idea where to go with it. Now I shall try.

The branches of the blog shall be seven. Monday shall be dedicated to the moon and the mystic. Tuesday shall be dedicated to the fire and other energy matters. Wednesday shall be devoted to water and the oceans. Thursday is wood day as I have said. Friday shall be the golden day of economics. Saturday shall be earth day where I discuss the environment, and how we fit in it. Sunday shall be astonomy and our quest for the stars.

Of course the central trunk shall still be the Friday catblog. There is a method to my madness. Or at least there is a method in this madness. This is today's wood day post, where the progress and development of this blog is laid out. Five points for anyone who can identify what this scheme is based on.



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