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Saturday, April 08, 2006

So close ...... yet so far

So close ... yet so far.

These are this years Hurricane names:

Please note that the "K" for this year is Kirk. That's right it is once again not Kahn. We need to see a weatherman out in the middle of a storm shouting, "KAHN" at the top of his lungs. We need a good hurricane at which to shout our defiance.

Actually the whole list is not very inspiring. Ok, with the hurricane season supposed to be just as bad we will probably go through all of them again. Though hopefully we won't go through the auxillary greek letters like last year. Let's face it, Hurricane Omega is just a bit too ominous.

However Valerie, has a nice dark and gothic ring to it. Leslie might work however Patty just won't do. Rafeal works and I could accept Nadine. But Debby and Erensto, just don't seem to be Hurricane material. I could see a hurricane Helene, I wonder if that one will be the one that will launch sink a thousand ships.

Hopefully the Hurricane season won't be as bad as the tornado season has been so far. Yet, we seem to be in the same cycle at the beginning of this season as we were at the beginning of the last. This year the models are showing them hitting the North East. We had some big ones at the beginning of the last season up there.

Hopefully, we have most of the kinks ironed out of FEMA by now. Even so, it is best to prepare oneself for three days without federal assistance. Everyone should have their emergency kits for their families and pets prepared. Always remember that self reliance is key. Though I doubt most people this go around will put much faith in either the local, state or federal government.

Remember state and local polititicians don't run on disaster preparedness, they run on school issues and the like. When we elect mayors we don't ask ourselves, "is this person qualified if the worst happens." Though in hindsight, maybe we should ask questions like that. Maybe it should be one of the first questions a candidate is asked in this day and time. "Mr./Ms. Candidate do you have a plan in case the worst happens."

Hopefully, the answer the candidates give won't be, "ah ... I encourage everyone to store tuna and powdered milk under their bed." I'm sure most people will have food for a few days saved up, we need concrete plans. Stocked civil defence shelters, that are disaster resistant. Plans for organization, and local leaders clearly identified.

We don't need a detailed plan, since you can't plan for a total disaster. We need local on the spot people who can trouble shoot and plan on the fly. We need people deputized to be the person on the spot for their area. We need to know who to call to report things. This is the communication and internet age. What we need is for the people in charge to start communicating with us. It needs to be done now, since when the disaster happens that is the first thing that will be lost. Communicate now, because when the worst happens you won't be able to communicate then.



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