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Monday, April 24, 2006

Moon Mondays

As we progress through the cycle that is the week, we arrive at Monday. The moon has long been a symbol of the mystic. So I dedicate Monday's to topics of the mysteries. Religion, myth, psycology, the mind and the inner self are the topics of the day.

We have found evidence of the spiritual from the earliest of times. Spirits, ghosts, demons and demigods are found in all cultures. They go by different names, and are regarded differently, yet they are a common human trait. It is probably what truly seperates us from the other hominoids. The belief in the spiritual, is it truly what makes us human? Is this what it means to be a Hominid.

To answer that question let us turn to the biggest Hominid of them all. BigHominid, is a blogger who currently resides in South Korea. He often has insightful posts on Budhisim and other spiritual matters. He is scatalogicaly inclined like some others in the blogsphere, but he is well worth the read. Like the cartoon Southpark, the casual reader should be advised that "no one should read this blog."

He is wrong about many things. Yes vinegar does taste sour not bitter. But for those with an open mind, one can find insight. You just have to bring your hip waders with you to do it.

His articles on the spiritual are on the left side. Be prepared for some interesting pics before you get to them. Follow his instructions for finding the right article. Like all spirituality, the search is sometimes long and often leads down the wrong path. I present his article entitled: Buddhism and no-self.

It is an exploration of what exactly the self is, and the solution Buddhisim provides. It is a wonderful article though, I do think that the Hominid would have a totally different interpretation for "Moon Mondays." However, I think that even those chasms can be overcome.



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