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Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Medieval Warm Period ~ An Earth Day Post

The CO2 project is doing a roundup on the Medieval warm period. One of the things about being interested in human development from the earliest origins, to the present is that you develop a very broad view of time. Just 20 years ago they was hysteria about global cooling. Now there is hysteria about global warming. Please, when it comes to climate a hundred years is barely long enough to get a baseline.

Yes the Earth is getting warmer right now. It has been getting warmer since the little ice age ended in the Eighteenth century. Climate has a tendency to fluctuate, it is either getting warmer or it is getting colder; there is no such thing as a stable status quo.

When the last ice age ended, the Persian Gulf, large sections of Southeast Asia and the Bering land bridge between Alaska and Asia flooded. What we are probably going to face in the future is another flood event. Yes large populations live along the coast, large popultations have always lived along the coast. When the water rises they will do what they always do; they will move inland.

The bottom line is, yes there are long term trends of warming right now. We just have to make long term plans on how to deal with it. People need to stop being hysterical about it, and stop making money by feeding the hysteria.

The basic fact is that we still have not reached the high temperatures of the Medieval Warm Period. We survived that, and I'm sure we will survive this temperature rise. We survived ice ages and warm periods, that come and go. There were climate cycles before Humans ever walked the Earth, and they will be cycles afterwards too. The sun is the major influence on climate, and it will have the final say when it turns into a red giant and swallows the Earth, which will be the ultimate in global warming.



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