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Friday, April 21, 2006

Friday Catblogging ~ Detente

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Here we have the cats exhibiting a rare moment of truce. There has been a general easing of tension between the two. Though Minerva the 'fast attack cat', will be the one that will break it. She won't usually attack, but will chase Mabel under the couch. I think she mainly does it just to have fun and get a reaction out of her.

The only time Minerva seems serious about it is if Mabel actually leaves the study and goes into the main part of the house. Apparently Minnie is ok with Mabel so long as she knows her place. Apparently her place is the Study (with connecting bathroom and litter box facilities). Mabel doesn't seem to mind and seems content to hang out in the study with me.

In the pic they are both on the couch in the study, and Minerva is looking out the window. Mabel the 'boomer' kitty is not hiding but is resting close by, but keeping a close eye on her. Mabel is tolerant but observant, and will submerge and hide at a moments notice.

The bells on their respective collars seem to help. It lets both of them know where the other is. So this way Mabel will know if a 'fast attack cat' is in fact sneaking up on her. So I'm going to keep their little sonar systems active for the time being.



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