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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The FBI - so sad it is not even funny

Found via Instapundit. Slate has an interesting article on The Federal Bureau of Investigations luddites. I increasingly get the feeling that the entire organization needs to be scrapped, and rebuilt from the ground up. Of course people would reject that, since we have this idea of proper FBI agents dressed in their early 20th century best. The problem is that they are still in the early 20th century. I lost my faith during that whole crime lab kerfluffle, and 9/11 was just the final nail in the coffin.

I expect them to have something akin to Wikipedia on their private servers. A carefully contructed FBI view of the universe. Every agent has his own registered account so they can edit the information, and it will be available to every other agent instantly.

Lets also give each agent a blog too, to record their daily progress. This will give them each of them a searchable data-base. It will also let others find relative information that might also have applications to cases they might be working on.

Of course they should all have an email account, which is the basis for the slate article. We could call it gmail for gmen. Instead of advertisements like in the google gmail, a search engine will scan an email and search for connections between the email and a database.

Of course cell phones, blackberries, laptops and handheld computers will be equally important. Yes it is time for the FBI to get into the 21st century. It is sad to think that almost everybody has access to more powerful computer resources then the FBI. All the FBI has to do is come up with these same applications, and just make them a little secure. Either that or we can just let NCIS, take over or maybe one of the other intelligence agencies.

Either the FBI can start taking protecting us seriously or they need to be replaced. Maybe the FBI can stick to low level federal crime investigation. They probably also need a big marketing/PR campaign to tell us what they are doing. They need to give us cause to have faith in them again.



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