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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Demographics and Europe

Asymmetrical blogs on the blog entry "dooms loom and the band played on", with her own take on the situation. She is going more for an economic impact to explain the declining birthrate in Italy and Europe in general.

Here is my reply:
Economic reasons for not having children are only part of the problem, and then only a minor part.

Having children goes beyond economics to social and emotional values.

I think one of the key reasons is the fear of the "population bomb" that has been ingrained into progressive society. Remember the common saying of, "how can you possibly want to bring a child into a world like this?" This is probably more of the cause of the lack of children. The mantra of, "the human race is destroying the environment, they needs to be less population."

Think about it, parents will sacrifice and suffer economic hardships for their children. Children are beyond economics.

The common refrain from Europe is that they are "citizens of the world". Well world wide the population is still not shrinking it is expanding. The drumbeat ever since the '60's has been to curb the population growth of the planet. This is very tied into the green movement, and is a fundamental philosophy that is central to the movement. So we can add "guilt", as a reason why European population is decreasing.



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