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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Cat Exercise

Now that Mabel is getting more playful, I can give her the exercise she needs. Most of her plumpness is fur, though she does have a little bit of plumpness about her. In fact her thick tail is why I started calling her a boomer kitty. She is heavy boned but she has a layer of plumpness too.

She plays a lot with her toy mouse, which is good. However, there is nothing like a "thing on a string" to give your cat exercise. Lately I've been using the feather fishing pole to give her exercise. Use it as a lure and vary the retrieves in order to keep them interested. Flick the feather behind objects, flick it in the air and hop it around the ground. Remember they need to exercise all of their hunting skills. If they seem uninterested, they might just be waiting and biding their time. Think of a hunter hiding in a blind, waiting for the moment to strike.

Here is a pic of her, asleep after a good work out. Unconsidered Trifles, has a plump kitty that needs exercise. It takes work but it can be done. The only problem though is that most cats I know love to eat. Fortunatly most cats also love to play.

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  • Thanks! Yes, I bought another "thing on a string" toy today (the feather lure thingy), and as you say it's a great way to get their attention, get them hunting, and get them moving! Funny that you, too, make it hop around as well as fly it about ("great minds...") LOL.

    By Blogger WillyShake, at 20/4/06 20:19  

  • *chuckle*

    it is amazing how quick they can get too. Often I twitch it at speeds I think they can't catch it at, but yet they manage it.

    By Blogger Baronger, at 21/4/06 09:22  

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