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Monday, April 10, 2006

Carnival of the Cats Kerfluffle

There was a kerfluffle about the exclusion of a Sisu in the latest edition of the Carnival of the cats. Sisu who is a regular side show attraction, responds that he was unfairly excluded.

Thus there was no tiny or baby in this weeks carnival. I can only hope that my own Minnie made up for it. Though it is a big job for even a "fast attack cat." Exspecially such a tiny one. Lawrence responds in his own blog on the subject. Hopefully this has difused the situation, and this won't end up as a cat fight.

I liked my own entry in the carnival:
Fast Attack Cat is the order of the day at Baronger's place. How about a Littoral Combat Cat, instead?

I think that Cdr. Salamander, would have much to say on the subject of the "litoral combat ship." However a "Littoral Combat Cat" produces some difficulty in our furry little hydrophobes. Anyone who has tried to give a cat a bath, has on their hand a littoral combat cat.

Cats and ships go together. After all what cat can resist a place that has four meals a day. Remember the fourth meal is called midrats. It is only natural that they enlisted.

"The sea cat is a harsh mistress, but she is her own reward."



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