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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Army of Davids

Reynolds seems to be getting some good reviews for his new book. It still isn't in at my local library, and since the branch I requested pickup at is going to be closed soon, I probably won't get it till mid-April. But then again having it come in mid-April would make a cool b-day present.

Currently Army of Davids is ranked #129 on Amazon, and it keeps going up (yesturday it was #210), which is pretty good considering it was officialy published on March 7. Anyway Reynolds, is currently reviewing the reviewers. Now if we can only find someone that is reviewing the reviews of the reviews, thus spawning an endless feedback loop. It is also interesting how a lot on the left are accusing him of being a conservative, when he is actually a liberterian.

So the pyjama media of individual experts against the goliaths continues. The BuzzMachine once again shows how the power of the modern day pamphleteers works. Also this might tear down traditional political boundaries, come on Kos and Redstate laying down together, the end-of-history/apocalypse must be near/nigh. After all individuals rarely fit into the neat categories of political parities, which is why there is always political infighting (big tent politics, the tent gets moved, people get thrown out, others are welcomed in).

The economist has a good review:

The small and insignificant davids, team up to pull down the mighty goliaths. One on one the big organizations could always defeat the individual. Now that the individuals can effectively network, they can pull down the Goliath's. Small swift and fast moving, with instant accountability. The debate and feedback is incredibly fast, as an army of individuals winnow the grain of truth from the chaff of spin (hee ... colbert moment). Though one must wonder if the metaphor is wrong. It might really be an army of Lilliputans, or even better an "Army of Me." Likeminded pyjama clad warriors forming adhoc coalitions and interest groups.

But this still "begs the question" (which is also being endlessly debated in the linguistic blogs as the prescriptives battle for the original meaning). It is always referred to as the "Pyjama Media". Where does this leave the rest of us, who are even stronger. Yes we also need the army of the buff. For all will fear the coming of the Buffy army.

Also remember it is always an army of temporary convienence. Much like the free worlds alliance with Stalin during WWII. It is a bitter realpolitik fight the Davidian army faces. A Machivallian world of turning alliances. The enemy of your enemy might be your friend today, but never forget that you might have to stab them in the back on the morrow. Never forget that Instapundit is the Puppy Blender

Image hosting by Photobucket
(Instapundit Must Be Destroyed)

Rottwielers knows what to do with puppy blenders.

So if words are the new stones to break the enemies bones, then what are the sticks???



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