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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards Act of 2005

This bill is not only for the sake of pets. People often put themselves in danger by staying behind and caring for their pets because shelters won't take them.

Write your congressman, let's get this bill out of committee.

Here is the link to the Humane Society webpage



Althouse points to an interesting article on introversion in Atlantic. She has an interesting take on it, On the internet, no one knows you're an introvert. Very spot on.

I tend to be a bit on the introverted side myself. I've often wondered why people at college thought I should be dragged to parties. Excuse me, I'd be much happier curled up in the library. The world would be a lot better place if only us introverts would organize ourselves. The article got it right on that one.

Caring for Your Introvert is a must read.

Next weeks Battlestar Galactica seems interesting. From the previews it looks like Sharon AKA "Boomer I" finaly reincarnates on Caprica. I guess it took a while to regrow her body. So yeah, we will have two Sharons again. Since this Sharon has all the memories, she also has her guilt. From the preview it looks like she has major issues.

The killer quote from Six talking to Sharon I:
Your just a broken machine that has delusions that she is human.

Sharon is also a major extrovert. However from what I've seen most of the Cylons are Introverts. So are the cylons natural introverts. Well they are machines and were designed by engineers. The engineer who took over Pegasus was also more comfortable with machines then people, which was a major part of the plot line.

So is this one of the reasons that the Cylons decided to destroy mankind. They might have taken after the engineers who designed them, and became introverts. Even Baltor is an introvert, which might be why he gets along so well with his mental Cylon.

Maybe this is why I've always gotten along so well with engineers. *ponder*


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