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Friday, November 04, 2005

A City of Flickering Lights

Ahem ....

i burn my city at both ends
it will not last the night
but allah my friends and allah my foes
it makes a fearsome fright

I cannot believe that Paris is still burning. It has now been eight days. Still I did get inspriation to filk a popular poem. No disrespect intended, please don't fatwa me. This is right out of all those post-modern apocolypse/1984/social destruction stories. Civil order is gone, or actually it never existed. The sub-urbs were no go zones for the police for ages, and were pretty much, "out of sight out of mind." Alienation and segregation together with lax social controls is what caused this. The sub-urbs contain ten percent of the population, and it looks like they might go into active revolt. Hopefully the Corsican seperatists don't join in. If a society excludes a group, what loyalty can they expect from that group? France has had a hands off approach and let these places live without law, now they are surprised that they erupt into mass lawlessness?

ETA: Yeah, I am not the only one with a Escape From NewYork/Escape the Bronx meme



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