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Thursday, July 07, 2005

A quick tour of various Blogs

A proper Shakespearian responce to the London incident. This is heavy stuff, so I'll look for some lighter stuff around the web. The fight goes on, and in this one there are no front lines. There is no safe area in the rear. It's hard to find the words to truly express what I feel. Others are better at this then I am.

Quick look around the blogs as I'm seeing what is being said about London. Only to find out shockenly that the forgotten war in Kosovo has escalated to biological warfare. We were only supposed to be in Kosovo for a couple of years and now, we have been there for over a decade, and their battles are hardly ever mentioned. However I'm sure that our brave soldiers will squash the enemy like the bugs they are.

Here I think is the perfect responce to critisizim about editing and spellin by commentors. Here someone wrote "expatriots". He had the perfect almost "Mark Twainian" responsce. "Update: Jay points out that "expatriates" is the correct spelling. I like mine better, however, and hope to start a trend." Which is very true since language and writing are never fixed. Heck spelling wasn't fixed until the first dictionary was written, and "standards" adopted.

Is there really a difference between looking at your watch rather then your cellphone to get the time.
Importantly, there is one small but crucial distinction between the glance at a watch and one at the time display on a cell phone: The watch keeps its own particular time, but the cell phone tells its owner what time the rest of the world thinks it is. Because the time is constantly updated via synchronization with a mobile phone service, the cell phone display works more like a newsfeed than a personal appliance. (John Savarese, April 2005 18:8)

Of course this will end the disagreements about what time it is. There are countless arguments about what the correct time is when someone is late. It is nice that there can be a conscensus.

That rule irritates linguists.

To end the dabate we shall bring back the older forms. Grammarians will of course say that it 'tisn't right.

I wonder when asked how he did it, he responded, "it was as easy as Pi."

Must remember not to swim in the Mekong river. I wonder if he was caught by noodling? Heck hand to hand I wouldn't want to go up against it. I've seen small catfish snap up minnows a third their size, so I wouldn't put it past this thing being a maneater, or at least a child eater.

Ok China does have some of it's good points. Clean cars so nice. However government control of when you get heat. Goodness I would never stand for that. Oh wait I did, when I was living in the dorm. The whole heat by schedule and not by tempurature sucks.

Oh and here is the article on the pencil. This goes with the post that I havn't written, but I keep thinking I did. I will probably write it laters. It will deal with the collapse of tech civilizations in Science Fiction. Don't you hate it when you write something in your head, in such detail that you start to think that you have already written it.

Oh well, I need to finish up my Pern audio novel. The Pern novels were deffinately my gateway drug into both science fiction and fantasy novels. It deals with the collapse of tech base. Think about it the Roman empire had a lot of technology, and we are just discovering what they had. They actually had a geared computer to calculate astrological events. But it was lost in the fall. It's amazing what the people of Pern lost due to the fall. Yes for those of you who have read the novels, I meant to pun there.



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