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Sunday, July 10, 2005


Unconsidered Trifles looks at the response on Amazon to Sen. Santorum's new book.

How extremely sad that Santorum can write a book criticizing the notion that government is a co-equal or better guardian of children (a notion, by the way, that Orwell foregrounds in 1984 which I am about to finish), and people read that as an indictment on themselves and their "lifestyles." Not surprisingly, one reviewer who pooh-poohed It Takes a Family thought that this book provided "a base for empowerment of both women and men in our society who are challenged with feelings of shame."

It always seems strange that the Left is always among the first to shout "Orwellian" or invoke 1984. I wonder how many of them have actually read the book. The government that took over, was the left. It was state control of everything, down the the minutest detail of everyday life. It was changing the language and the meaning of words. 1984, is a great book and is properly the province of Libertarians to quote and uphold.



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