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Friday, June 24, 2005

Letters to Congress: re - Kelo

I have sent off my letters to my representatives:

Senator Kit Bond, MO-R
Senator Jim Talent, MO-R
Rep. Kenny Hulshof, MO-R (Ninth District)

What follows is an open letter to my representatives. I encourage everyone to write their representatives. There needs to be a rewrite of the law, if not the fifth amendment. The Constitution needs to mean something. Even those who say the Constitution is a living document, will have to agree that this goes to far.

Dear Honorable Sirs:

I would say in regards to the recent Kelo decision, "we need some sort of amendment to protect property rights." Sadly though we used to have such an amendment. While the nation has focused on homeland security, we have lost home security. Homeowners no longer can plead the fifth, in regards to their property.

Secure property ownership is one of the things which makes for a great nation, and a good economy. Who will invest, if they can easily loose their home? We have already seen such condemnations, abused in the St. Louis area. We need remedies, and legislation to more effectively define what the constitution says. We need legislation to define exactly what is just compensation, for the loss of hopes, dreams and memories.

I'm hoping that the three of you can work together to fix this mess. I live in a housing development, which is ripe for a rich developer to snap up. The money in home improvements that I invested in my condo is not reflected in it's valuation. Neither is the hope, sweat and love that I have poured into making this place a home. Please protect me, one of your powerless constituents from the rapine and greed of local governments and developers.




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