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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Vowel Deprived???

In today's opinion journal's edition of, "Best of the Web", I found this interesting tidbit.

In vowel-deprived Kyrgyzstan, opposition candidates allegedly won only three seats in the parliamentary vote. "Opposition supporters have begun protests to disrupt the second round of voting--to be held on March 13 in more than half of the constituencies. Many are calling for a 'tulip' or 'lemon' revolution comparable to Ukraine's Orange Revolution and the Rose Revolution in Georgia in 2003."

Vowel deprived Kyrgyzstan? I count ten letters, three of them vowels. Yes, in this case sometimes 'y', is in fact a vowel. That's a good 33% vowel representation. Sure it looks odd, and many people have to pause before attempting to pronounce it. Like a fighter circling his opponent, trying to find a weak spot. Though after a few repeated 'K' sounds, you are off and going. Kyrgyzstan, practically rolls off the tongue.

Of course part of the problem is the number of syllables. "Are there three syllables here, or is that a fourth syllable that I see lurking behind 'g' there?" On first glance, you aren't exactly sure how many there are at . We look about seeking some higher authority. Someone will come down from upon high, with his pronouncement on the subject.

Well Webster's does give us an answer:
Main Entry: Kyr·gyz·stan
Pronunciation: "kir-gi-'stan, -'stän; 'kir-gi-"

There are only three, and when nicely separated the task is easy. According to the CIA you actually have a plethora of ways to pronounce the countries name.
conventional long form: Kyrgyz Republic
conventional short form: Kyrgyzstan
local long form: Kyrgyz Respublikasy
local short form: none
former: Kirghiz Soviet Socialist Republic

Though it is weird that the, "conventional long form" seems friendly and comforting when compared to the short form. But since this country seems to be joining the redoubt of democracy, we should accept them and learn their name. Slowly but surely the world is turning to democracy. The domino theory turns out to be correct after all. With a nudge and a yell the excitement begins. Now things get interesting, but hopefully not with the implications found in the Chinese curse.

So lets hope this country with the beautiful geography joins us, and another corner of the world is turned towards peace. It would be nice to lounge by placid lake Ysk-kol. Hike in the Tien Shan mountains, which are said to be heavenly. Terrorisim has no place in such a beatiful place, where people deserve to live in peace. Hopefully, this domino too will fall.



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