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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Preference Cascade

Looks like Instapundit, has put some thought into what I discussed in my last post too. He terms it a preference cascade, in that suddenly people realized that they were not alone. The sudden emergence of patriotism, after 9/11 was not sole due to the attack. Patriotism, was always there, but it was uncool and so people didn't express it.

Suddenly people realized they were not alone in their feelings, and could find courage in numbers. Why do tyrants use propaganda and secret police, it's to make sure that everyone remains alone in the dark. Statues and paintings and everyone saying that the tyrant is right and good. Anyone who speaks out mysteriously dissapears, so people don't speak. Everyone might yearn for freedom, but who can you trust. After all you know the majority support the tyrant.

Once open communication and a few strong people step up to the plate it is over for the tyrant. Suddenly walls are torn down and new elections are demanded. The truth shall set you free, which is why the enemy of all tyrants is the truth.



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