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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

MilBlog Resurrection

I started reading this one when it first went up. However due to pressure from his superiors it was taken down. It has now been brought to the attention of everyone, via this Army Times article. It is a very raw take on the life of an infantry grunt.

Military blogs will hopefully end up being archived somewhere more permanent then the ephemeral blogsphere. For a while historians were moaning about how letter writing and the keeping of journals had falling by the wayside. Now the internet has resurrected the practice of writing ones thoughts down. This is important since it will enable historians to be able to compile a comprehensive view of what exactly happened. If we want to avoid past mistakes, it is helpful to learn history. Hopefully we will be able to gain insights into what worked and what didn't.

I see a lot of book deals being offered directly to the milbloggers though. We will probably see things like anthologies, which will combine both emails and blogs. I am looking forward to seeing some well written books, by those who have first hand experience on the ground. While journalists can give us a view of what they see, they only see things as an outsider. A soldier understands the deeper meaning of what is happening, and can see things below the surface that an outsider can't. Not to mention that an insider knows the capabilities of his equipment and training, not to mention won't mistake a Bradley for a tank.



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