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Friday, March 04, 2005

Megatokyo: Ice Cubes

Now for something relaxing. Except it is not relaxing, its a great big, huge cliffhanger. Megatokyo strip 682, entitled Ice Cubes leaves us dangling with too many unanswered questions. All brought about by one question, by Erika. This is my little take on the drama.

Erika: If I sleep with you, will you go away?

This can either be interpreted one of two ways. She wants to get rid of him, and is willing to sleep with him if that's what it takes. She is worried that she will become a one night stand, and that he will leave her after he gets what he wants. One of the overarching themes for the comic is, "broken wings". This makes me think that the answer is the second one.

My Erika theory, is that she is still suffering from being dumped. Her response was to build emotional walls around herself. To flee everything that reminded herself of her previous relationship. She pushes away any relationship, she fears might become intimate. Erika's broken wings, are her inability to form relationships. Now Largo has penetrated her defenses. She has not managed to drive him away. She is confused and this is why she asks the question. She doesn't want to be hurt again, so she refuses to even attempt to fly.

On one level she probably would sleep with him, just so he will go away. However, on a deeper level she wants him to stay. Largo sees her for who she is, and not some idol. The fact that Largo respects her, and said, "love hurts" has breached her walls. Erika is finally seeing Largo as a possibility, and it scares her. Largo is standing by her, despite her abuse. Meimi is the catalyst that opened her eyes to the possibility. Other's are seeing her and Largo as a couple, and now she needs to figure it out if this is something she wants.

Largo, on the other hand, is totally unprepared for this. He doesn't think in relationship terms, and basically ignores girls. Yes he is attracted to her, but is not thinking in relationship terms. This is totally unfamiliar ground to him. I have serious doubts, that he will be able to answer the question. His only hope, is that he will say some equally mysterious 'gamer code'. I hope he doesn't choke on that ice cube.



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