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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

May you live in interesting times???

What is with Canada now? They are so against us having anti-ballistic missile tech, that they don't want us to shoot down any missiles heading toward them. Sorry, just don't get that. Do you think that if push comes to shove, they would still be angry if we did prevent one of their cities from being nuked? I guess this is a case of better to ask forgiveness then to seek permission. I think this is just posturing anyway. They know that we will defend them.

In further news it looks like democracy is breaking out all over the world. I am waiting with baited breath, hoping that this isn't a house of cards that can fall down if breathed on wrong. But then I remember how quickly communism collapsed. I remember thinking just three years prior to the fall in 1989, that the status quo would go on forever. But then again maybe it's the dictators, who are now living in palaces made of cards. The communication age is returning power back to the people. It's hard to feel alone and powerless when, your ears hear the chatter of people speaking thoughts identical to your own.

Pressthink, has an interesting article. Does the abyss stare back. Can, a reporter truly stay detatched and unaffected by what he covers. Is detatchment a myth? If one has no moral anchor, is one doomed to drift with the currents until one hits a reef.. Is relativism, and viewing the world as shades of gray merely saying that one has no morals. Since cameras are known to have an effect in the courtroom, shouldn't reporters finally admit that cameras likewise have an effect in the real world. In a war, can the press really decide not to take sides? It seems that the press may slowly be waking up and seeing that the world does have the colours of morality. It seems that they suddenly realized it when they saw the purple stained fingers of the people of Iraq. Though it might have taken the bloggers, to show them the way.

Who are the terrorists in Iraq fighting? They aren't really fighting the military anymore. Most attacks are on civilians. They deliberately target and kill Iraqis now. What exactly are they fighting for? Actually, the more important question is why are there people in the United States who cheer on the insurgents. It can't be because they don't like the war, because Iraqis are getting killed as they say. After all, one only has to look at which side is deliberately killing innocent Iraqi civilians. The terrorists are trying to stop freedom in its tracks. The election is more about people going to vote. It's about people seeing other people just like them voting, and knowing that they are not alone.

May you live in interesting times? Has this old curse been turned on it's head. It is always hard to be the first one to take a stand. The first person never knows if anyone is going to follow. A small group can dominate and terrorize a large population that is not united. United we stand and divide we fall is easy to say, but it's hard to believe if you don't see the 'we'. That's why leaders are important. They are the ones who take the courageous stand and by doing so encourage others. Like the lone sheriff taken a stand, suddenly by ones and twos the townfolk come out to stand with him. They realize that they are stronger then the outlaws, that steal their freedom and hope.

In order to be a leader, people need to believe in you. Bush has shown that he means what he says and he follows through. Bush answered the basic question of, "you and what army." Democracy is marching like it has an empire at its back. Bullies and Tyrants only respect force and those willing to use it. When today's dictators look at demonstrators today, they also look to Washington to see what the empire is doing. They used to comfort themselves that the giant was sleeping, the tiger had no teeth, the dragon will not fight. It's the difference between a yapping dog that you know won't bite, and the soft low growl of a dog that you know will rip your throat out.

Reputation in the high stakes game of politics is everything. "Speak softly and carry a big stick," only works if everyone thinks that the stick might be used. If you notice Bush is speaking softly right now, as he goes about on his diplomatic rounds. Even more important people are listening. The world sees the blood on our stick, and looks into the eyes of a determined and very awake dragon. It's unfortunate that we had to use our stick, but that's the price one pays for the appearance of weakness. If everything goes well we won't have to use the stick again, any time soon.



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