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Friday, March 04, 2005

Internet Forums

The MSM have focused on blogs so much, that forums have been skipped over. If a blog is the metaphorical soapbox in the town square, then forums would be some sort of meeting place. How to categorize them. The smoking room at the country club, the local tavern or a town hall. Two of my regular forums are Megatokyo and Baen's Bar. One is a discussion board dedicated to a web-comic, the other is a forum for a publisher and his authors. The discussions on these boards are not limited to discussing either web-comics or books.

Both forums have an intense politics sections. People from all parts of the political spectrum discuss and debate various issues. The rules of debate vary from forum to forum, the discussion can be mild or heated. The internet is mined for examples that support ones position. Unlike blogs a single thread will have a variety of opinions.

The various forums may be the true crucible for future political discussion. Yes there is feedback in blogs, however what forums do is serve as a conduit. The feedback is even more intense. People from many different parts of the political spectrum are drawn to the same forum. They all may share one common intersect but differ on their politics. The MSM, seems concerned about the internet and segmentation of the MSM dividing the country into blocks that don't communicate. Yet the internet seems to provide the answer once again.



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