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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Cats and Dogs living together?

So has the SEC finally done, what was once considered impossible. According to the Captain, this has happened. From left wing Daily Kos to the right wing Captain, both sides are denouncing the SEC. McCain-Feingold which brought conservative and liberal together, is once again bridging the ideological divide.

So are the reds and blues truly united at last? This new purple movement, seems to be gaining ground. Will we see a serious purple blog storm, that rains down on this law. It all comes down to one fact. This is a first amendment issue, and both sides have streaks of libertarianism in them. The right to speak ones piece, is a fundamental heartfelt right of all citizens.

I haven't seen any hints of this surge of purple anger in the MSM yet. However, since this is already simmering I predict that any move by the SEC, will result in a serious grass-roots movement. A truly purple movement, will have to get the attention of both the SEC and congress. I wonder what they will think of the various bulletin boards and forums, where such issues are also discussed.

Forums for such discussion can occur in the most unlikely of places. Megatokyo is a web comic, yet it too has a forum (for members only), where politics are discussed. Forums have links too, and often have campaign material. The courts keep saying that things can't be unregulated. What next, are they going to regulate someone writing down a website for someone, on a napkin at the corner bar.



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