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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Why create a blog?

I can always go the James Dean, rebel without a cause route.

"What have you got"

But is a blog just a means of rebelling. The modern equivilant of going up the mountain to shout defiance at the universe. To proudly state, this is who I am and these are my opinions. To the ancients doing this meant risking a bolt of lightning from the gods. Today with blogs we just have the occasional flamey comments.

This is probably not going to be a very coherent blog. My interests are too wide ranging. Also I'll have to see about the update schedule. I've been reading blogs for a while now and I thought I'd see if I could do one. So if you read this prepare for a rollercoaster ride of topics.

What finaly motivated me to start a blog? Why the simple fact is that photobucket now has blog support. Yes an insane and utterly silly reason isn't it. So don't none of you say that you havn't been warned. *grin*


Yes I use emotes and emoticons as they give the internet personality.

Most of my emotes come from grimnemud. Grimne was a dikumud that was based in Norway, in which my character achieved immortality. The basic principle behind an emote is you typed it in and the rest of the people in the room with you got a character responce. *Grin*, would give the responce of, "Baronger grins evily at you."

Yes I'm reusing my characters name. But hey when you come up with a great name why discard it. In other words I didn't want to angst over what I should name this blog. Actually "no angst" shall be a firm rule. Everybody has enough to angst over on their own without me adding my angst to their's. If you want angst read livejournal. (I need to figure out how html links work on this thing)



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