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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Tori Amos: New Album

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This is the feature that finaly prompted me to start the blog. Here you can see a nice pic of the cover of Tori Amos's new CD. I've been a huge fan of hers since her first album. I still remember wishing that she had more then one album, and then more then two. Even now I think she doesn't have enough albums.

I love her piano based songs that are sung from the heart. Her concerts are amazing as she always puts a little spin on the older songs in her playlist. Her amazing range and energy a joy to listen to. She is one of my favorite musical artists, and I am really looking forward to this latest work of hers..

I am posting this through Photobucket, with the feature that initially prompted me to start this blog. I think it needs some treaking though. Either that or firefox is being finicky on the cut/paste. Since blogger has a spellcheck I'll probably stick with it, as I am prone to typos.

Tori Amos's site can be found here.

The album is Coming out February 22.

<Edit> Ok, it posted with to many blank lines so I had to edit this again in blogger. I think it would probably be easier to just do the posting in blogger. I may use the photobucket account if I'm just going to be posting quick images.



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