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Monday, February 14, 2005

Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis

Just found this on instapundit. Didn't know this was in the offering, when I wrote my carnival piece. But it seems that the carnival is going to be a relationship structure in the blogsphere. The marketplace of ideas is patterning itself after an actual market model. We are social animals, and have an instinctive need to organize. The blogsphere is just beginning that organization.

Another social structure according to Volkh is the persuasing group. This is his thesis, to replace the lynch mob meme of the MSM. A bunch of blogs that comeing together, to advocate or persuade on a particular idea or meme. This is the more accurate discription of what happens when blogs go after a person.

I must say researching this has been an educational experience.

I might as well put on my anthropologists hat, and research this some more. After all I am an anthropologist, or at least that's what it says on my sheepskin. "Coming of age in the Blogsphere," would be a traditional riff on a classic work.

So in conclusion a carnival of carnivals. As of yet I have not discovered a jahrmarkt though. This would be a huge annual carnival of carnivals. Since bandwidth and time is precious, these caravans probably won't settle down anytime soon. Forever wandering, their size fluctuating as vendors join and leave. The reputation and the skill of the chosen caravan master determining the success of the carnival.



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