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Friday, February 11, 2005

N. Korea - Solutions appear murky

With North Korea we are back to good old fashioned real politics. In other words all agreements need to be backed up by the threat of force. North Korea has shown little regard to agreements, and is very forceful in it's political moves. Remember this is the country that gave us the classic laugh line, "and after months of negotiation we have finely decided on the shape and size of the table."

Found an interesting post on varifrank. I'm in agreement with him on China. China will be the country that will be able to make North Korea heel to world demands. This I believe is why NK wants China out of the negotiation and only wants unilateral talks with the United States. Right now the United States is more important to China then North Korea is. In fact China is getting tired of rounding up North Korean defectors. With the admission by North Korea that they have nukes, China has lost face. In my opinion the United States should take a back seat and only act as a moderator/enabler for the countries that are most at risk. I think that if North Korea bends to a settlement brokered by China, they won't dare to break it and thus piss off China.

Remember that technically we are still at war with North Korea. What we have now is technically still a temporary cease fire. The issues that brought about the Korean war have not been settled. North Korea doesn't care if all it has is a devastated peninsular. The goal is a unified Korea, which is a goal on both sides of the border. Remember never think that your worldview is universal, just because you think that war solves nothing doesn't mean someone else has another view. North Korea I believe still feels that the only thing preventing them from reuniting the peninsula is the United States. If anything the Iraq situation has irritated the Kim because it ruins his hope that we would do notion if he invaded. He is desperate and I think waving his nuke card in order to try to scare us out of South Korea. I hardly think that South Korea would be safer if we withdraw and "stop antagonizing him." The best solution is probably delay; sooner or later the regime has to collapse under it's own inefficiencies.

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