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Monday, February 14, 2005

How to market your blog

Since I have a new blog this little gem from the "Carnival of the Capitalists" caught my eye. It's an odd gem but I'm sure to find a good setting for it. Like a bower bird I need to set it just right in the nest. The content of my own little bower is still almost empty. Flasy and gaudier nests like Instapundit already exist, attracting readers that would otherwise visit my bower. But this little gem not only provides content; for it is a magical gem. If properly invocted it will make the rest of the bower shine. Like light through a fancy jewel the sparkles are the prize.



  • Thanks for linking to my post on Marketing a Business Blog.

    I noticed you're a fan of The Marmot's Hole also. I read him every day. As I previously lived in Korea for a full year, I find the Marmot a good way to keep up on a favorite past home.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14/2/05 09:23  

  • Your very welcome. I'm hoping that some of your advice can be useful to me.

    By Blogger Baronger, at 14/2/05 14:33  

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