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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

A hoot of a murder!

Well not really, but sad and tragic like all murders are. Yet for some reason this one did not catch the national headlines. A hooters waitress was murdered, and the suspect is of course her boyfriend. Even though the evidence is flimsy and someone else confessed the prosecutor is still going after him. I wonder if it's getting to the point where boyfriends/husbands had better call their lawyers, before the police in cases like this.

The question which is unanswered here is why do some cases make the national news and others don't. We seem to have all the angles here: Girlfriend, sexy hooters waitress, killed innocently on the way home, orphaned son. Do the news networks just put up the police blotters and throw darts at it? So why aren't we seeing the headline, "A hoot of a murder!". Come on we have a hooters waitress, I'm sure copy editors would be all over this.

If exhonerated can the defendent sue the police and prosecutor for malicious prosecution? Let's see we have somone else who confessed and absolutley no evidence. Further it looks like there is a sound aliby for the boyfriend. But of course this doesn't fit neatly into the prosecutor's neat models, of who is supposed to kill hooter waitresses.

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