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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Did the marmot see his shadow?

I know that groundhogs day has passed, but the puny reference had to be made. So does the marmot predict six more weeks of North Korea hysteria. Not if the other 4 members of the 6 way talks have their way. China can pinch their fuel. S. Korea can pinch off fertilizer. Japan can affect them economically. This is why NK wants only bilateral talks, they know that in a six way they can be brought to heel.

The only interest that the United States has in this conflict is protecting Japan and South Korea. As such it would be extremely arrogant of us to unilaterally decide policy for them. The other countries in the area are not little children that submit to the will of the United States. They each have an equal right to participate in the talks and to negotiate a final resolution. To do otherwise would be an insult to the other countries in the region.

What NK is basically doing is blackmail. They are holding South Korea hostage. They have artillery pieces pointed at Seoul, and demand free stuff in exchange for not killing millions. North Korea is demanding dane-geld, and the best way for them to continue getting it is to draw the U.S. into unilateral talks.

Our interest in the regions is defined by the other nations. China as the closest country to North Korea should rightly take the lead. Our role should be supporting if anything. We are only there to protect and our interests are only a reflection of the other countries interest.

Edit: Varifrank also has some useful links and ideas on the subject. Though I don't know where the whole, "Kim wants more Dane-geld fits," into his four theories.



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