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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Carnival of the Recipes #26

The recipe blogging goes on. I've seen quite a few interesting ones. I'd join in but I would actually need to write mine down. I've gotten to the add spice until it feels right stage. I do it by instinct acquired over a long period of trial and error. I don't think I can write down, "and add chili powder till the little voice in your head tells you to stop." It works for me now ... but only since I have had tremendous failures in the past.

I was reminded of the carnival by SWWBO, who hosts the carnival on occasion and is the main organizer. She also does cat blogging, which I would do too if only I had a digital camera. Since I don't have a camera I will just say that my cat Phoebe was really cute today. I woke up to find her purring by my head. So just take my word for it, she was really adorable.

edit: Future carnivals till March 25.



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