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Monday, February 21, 2005

But how do I cite it?

Orin Kerr, one of the bloggers over at the Volokh Conspiracy, has an interesting series of articles; on how bloggers, are probably going to affect the future of law reviews. Since blogs can analyze, and bring more expertise to bear on court decisions and laws; they will probably eclipse the law review in a few years.

The big question though is, how do I cite these blogs. Here is where credentials do matter. I know Volokh is a group of lawyers, because Instapundit has vouched for them, as he has done for Professor Bainbridge. Instapundit was vouched for by the MSM, and has even appeared on several programs in person. If law bloggers assume such an important role shouldn't there be some verification.

This seems to be a role tailor made for the bar association. They can even protect the anonymity of the blog in question. All it would take is a quick check to the bar association, which can be linked to from the blog. More importantly the bar association can serve as a backup archive for the blogs. This archive would also serve as a cross-referencing link, and hopefully a searchable database.

I don't know how they would classify Bainbridges wine reviews. But then again knowing which wines are good can make a difference when taking clients out to dinner. So even a wine review could serve some legal business purposes.



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