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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Hime ~ AVM

A very good AMV.

It is found here, and hopefully this author has produced more of the like.


Friday, July 14, 2006

Iran and Syria need to be held accountable.

My own question is, "what is the difference between murder, and hiring a hitman to kill someone, and how does this relate to Iran and Syria, and their relationship with the terrorists."

It seems that the both Iran and Syria supply both money and instructions to the terrorist groups. How is this different from a country hiring a mercenary army to attack another country. Maybe we should take a lesson from this. We could have just hired a mercenary company to attack Iraq, and then claimed that it wasn't us that did it.

Oh wait we already tried that with Cuba once. Strangely none believed we were just a disinterested third party. Why are both Syria and Iran giving a pass now?

Hezbollah and Hamas are both equivilent to a mercenary army in the emply of Syria and Iran. At least when the U.S. tried it we had the sensce to keep it secret. With both Syria and Iran, everyone knows they are doing it. Iraq was very open about his activities in funding the terrorsit groups.

If someone hires a hitman to kill someone, the person who hired the hitman is also guilty of murder. If a county hires a terrorist or mercenary group to attack another country, that country has committed an act of war. Israel is perfectly justified in going after both countries.


Thursday, July 06, 2006

What's up with North Korea

So the North Koreans have launched a missile and it failed. They then proceeded to launch another missile into the sea. Then they launched another one. And yet another one was soon launched. This was of course follwed by several more launches of missiles of various types. I'd give you an exact number but I have lost count. Since they are threatening to launch more I think others will soon loose count too.

Ok the first couple yes, scary. Now this is just gettign ridiculous. But hey if they keep this up they will run out of missiles sometime.

It seems to me that the Dear Leader, is just throwing a temper tantrum. Ok, it is a particularly interesting tempur tantrum, at least in the beginning. However, I think most of us are just getting bored and annoyed with it. He is behaving like a kid in a store who throws himself on the ground, and kicks and screams till he gets what he wants.

China is like the mom trying to calm him down. The rest of us are getting irritated, and just want to say to the mom, "hey just smack him." Of course we are all to polite to do this.

Maybe China should just get him a little choo-choo train to play with so he will be quiet again. The rest of us should just ignore N.K. After all the whole point of the tanrtum is to get attention. Nothing would make him madder if we all just said, "awe, how cute" and move on.


Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Fourth of July ~ Score Board

The country is now 230 years old.

That would be 11 Score and 10 years ago, *bounce*.

We might not have much history now, but we are still going strong.
It's not the history you have it's what you do with it.

Let's see when we started everyone was still ambievilant about this whole democracy thing. Now even North Korea calls itself a democracy. So truth, justice and the American way. Hee ... superman as a metaphor for America.

From nothing to leading power in the world in 230 years ... ok some in America have success guilt, but we can live with that.

We might not have been perfect in the beginning. Was the liberty bell deliberately sabotaged, so as to express the cracks in liberty in our early nation? But most of us recognize that we are not perfect, and we are trying to improve ourselves.

After all we might be a little bit divided now, but we are doing a heck of a lot better then we were at 4 score and 7. After which we managed to inch a bit more in the right direction. We might not be perfect in the past, but mostly we are looking forward to where we are going not where we have been.

The world pays attention to us. The thing which probably most annoys people in other countries is that we don't really think about them. That is unless they annoy us.


Friday, May 19, 2006

I am Tiger hear me Roar - Catblogging Friday

I am tiger hear me Roar

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Actually it is more like, "I am kitty hear me yawn."

Like me the poor little kitty has been tired for the past two weeks. But then again, cats seem to be tired most of the time. She does however have no set time schedule, and can sleep anytime she wants (lucky cat).

So this is more of the way I'm going to be updating this blog. Instead of doing a daily, in order to emulate a newspaper, I will do a weekly periodical. Sort of like a weekly newsletter or perhaps a magazine. Still unsure of the format, if I should lump all the articles in one big go, or do each as a seperate entry.

Either that or I will just dedicate the blog to weekly cat blogging. Looking at a picture of a yawning cat, just makes one tired. Often I will lay down next to a sleeping cat, and instantly fall asleep. Kitty sleeping sickness appears to be highly contagious.


Sunday, April 30, 2006

Day of rest ~ Sunday

Today is the carnival of the cats and it is hosted today by Furry Paws.

Sunday is also a day of rest, and since nothing of stellar importance is happening I've decided to rest today. So taking today off from blogging. It is so hard to stay awake when you have a sleeping cat in the room.

Besides its been rainy all day. Hard to think of Sun blogging if you havn't seen it all day. You would think it was water day not sun day.


Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Medieval Warm Period ~ An Earth Day Post

The CO2 project is doing a roundup on the Medieval warm period. One of the things about being interested in human development from the earliest origins, to the present is that you develop a very broad view of time. Just 20 years ago they was hysteria about global cooling. Now there is hysteria about global warming. Please, when it comes to climate a hundred years is barely long enough to get a baseline.

Yes the Earth is getting warmer right now. It has been getting warmer since the little ice age ended in the Eighteenth century. Climate has a tendency to fluctuate, it is either getting warmer or it is getting colder; there is no such thing as a stable status quo.

When the last ice age ended, the Persian Gulf, large sections of Southeast Asia and the Bering land bridge between Alaska and Asia flooded. What we are probably going to face in the future is another flood event. Yes large populations live along the coast, large popultations have always lived along the coast. When the water rises they will do what they always do; they will move inland.

The bottom line is, yes there are long term trends of warming right now. We just have to make long term plans on how to deal with it. People need to stop being hysterical about it, and stop making money by feeding the hysteria.

The basic fact is that we still have not reached the high temperatures of the Medieval Warm Period. We survived that, and I'm sure we will survive this temperature rise. We survived ice ages and warm periods, that come and go. There were climate cycles before Humans ever walked the Earth, and they will be cycles afterwards too. The sun is the major influence on climate, and it will have the final say when it turns into a red giant and swallows the Earth, which will be the ultimate in global warming.


Friday, April 28, 2006

Happy Mabel ~ Friday Catblogging

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Here is a picture of Mabel (the Boomer sub cat), relaxing on her chair. Behind her is a toy squirrel, which is actually a dog toy. It is big, life like, and has a squeeker in its tail. Mabel loves attacking the thing, and will get a death grip on its head, and rake it with her hind claws.

I have also found the electronic squeeker mouse for her, and she likes it. Unfortunatly for the Boomer kitty, the noise will often attract an attack by a "fast attack cat" aka Minerva. So to be safe she has taken that mouse under her chair to play with. Often now I will hear squeeking coming from under there, as a submerged Boomer plays, hidden away.

Her favorite toy however is still her large blue fur mouse. Though she did suffer a trama last night. The mouse landed in her water bowl, and was too wet to play with. But a quick towel dry, followed by a trip through the clothes dryer put things to right. Now she can happily toss it around again, at least till it lands in the water again.

She has really turned into a happy and playful cat. Though she is limited to the study still, by patrols of the 'fast attack cat', she is gaining confidence daily. Often now she will stand her ground and hiss at Minerva, though sadly for Mabel, she is just ignored by Minnie. However, I have switched her to a collar without a bell, so now she can run silent like a proper Boomer kitty (look at that fat tail, she looks just like a Russian Boomer).

Of course like all Boomer kitties she is very secretive and shy.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Here she is hiding her face, in an attempt to avoid being photographed. Thus she displays the true spirit of the 'silent service'. This once feral terror of the voles, is now turning into a happy house cat. She is no longer stuck outside in the cold world, but has found a home port. For this mighty hunter, the cold war is at last over.


Time is golden ~ A Golden Fridays Post

I really need to write shorter posts. However, to paraphrase Mark Twain, "I would have written a shorter article, but I didn't have enough time." Better yet is a quote from the staffer's sayings.

“Your briefing should be like a skirt: long enough to cover the important parts; short enough to be interesting…

A good editor helps an author cut their work down to size. To coin a mixed metaphor, "they are the mechanics that tightens the nuts and bolts on the old prose engine." Yet blogging is mostly a solo endeavor, so the blogger must be his own editor. The humble blogger must make due with his commentors and trackbackers. Everyone who reads a blog can contribute editorial comment, and do some of the editing and fact-checking. Ironicaly however, the blog must readable enough that people will post those comments.

The economy of the blogsphere runs on ideas. Everybody is putting out their memes, hoping to generate hits. In memenomics like economics, time is indeed money. The more time it takes for a reader to peruse the post, the more readers you will lose. Likewise the more time you put into crafting your post, the shorter and more concise it will be. Take time when crafting and presenting your memes, and you will be golden.

In the world of fan-fic, a solution was found. The beta reader, is the person who proofs and edits your fan-fic. Often this beta is someone who is familiar both with grammar and the genre of the fan-fic. Will this eventually happen in the Blogsphere? One of the key complaints of the MSM, is that the Blogsphere is an unedited free for all. To paraphrase the Instapundit, "commentors and other blogs are the editors that we rely on, and the speed of the internet makes editors unnecesarry."

I just need to take the additional time with my posts, and revise where needed. I need to remember to use some paraphrased rules of thumb. "Read twice, post once." "An edit in time saves nine." "Haste makes updates." "I will blog no post, before its time." "Polish your two cents till it shines like a silver penny." You are selling your ideas, in exchange for your readers time. Time is golden, remember memes are limitless but time is not. Make your meme a valuable commodity, that will be traded around the infosphere.

Bloggers are seeking the golden time of their readers. A well crafted meme will be brought. A rambling and incoherent thought, will be passed up by the astute reader. In the memenomics of the blogsphere, the choice of supplier for the reader is infinite. You must have a consistent supply chain full of well thought out and crafted memes. You have to price the time your reader must invest wisely. If your reader makes it to the end of your post, then you have succeeded.


Thursday, April 27, 2006

Tree Day ~ The forest have we forgotten it?

Today is tree day or wood day as the case may be.

Today we shall contemplate the forest, which some of us can't see because of the trees.

It is sort of like the parable.

When I was young I looked out my window and saw a mountain.

I went off to study, and when I looked at the mountain all I saw were rocks, strata, snow and various aspects of ecology.

Then when I came home again I looked out and again saw a mountain.

However it was not the same mountain.

This can also be applied to the trees and the forest in which they dwell. Yes it is important to study the individual trees to understand how they function within the dark woods. Yet remember at the end one must step back and view the forest as a single entitity.

This is why interdicipline actievities are important. Sometimes we need to gather all the people together who have been examining the bits and pieces. Remember the elephant and the blind men who only studied specific bits of it. What a difference it would have made if those blind men, who thought an elephant was a snake, or a wall or perhaps even a snake; had sat down together an compared notes.

So let us all step back from our inspection of the trees, and meditate on the forest as a whole.


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Water day

This is the last of the introductory posts. Today is Water day, and I am dedicating it to water. Water posts will be dedicated to water. Be it symbolic, metaphoric or actual H2O. Water has a deep affect on the human soul. I could sit on the strand and stair out at the ocean forever. The sea has a soul and I love it so.

love to a pirate is the kiss of the salt breeze,
the curve of a white sail,
and the whisper of an enemy's well slit throat.

-The Pirate Movie

Jin in the Anime, Samurai Champloo, is an example of the use of water as metaphor. Water is often associated with calmness, stillness and inner peace. Yet one must always remember that it can be a destructive force. A calm pond or a raging sea; a spring shower or a torrential downpour, water can take many forms. It can be both a giver of life, or a taker of life.

The ocean is one of my true loves and most of the posts will focus on it. Also all things associated with the ocean such as the navy and things that go bump in the depths. The ocean engenders both love and respect.

It is approaching that time again where we must watch the ocean. It is coming up on hurricane season. It seems that we are in the upswing of the hurricane cycle, and we will experience a season like 2005. The season officialy starts on May 15th, yet it may kick off early. I hope people are better prepared this time.

My advice for everyone on the coast. Always keep a weather eye out. Make plans ahead of time. Have at least three days supplies on hand. Remember to care for your pets. Don't depend on the government for at least a week after the storm.

The sea is a harsh mistress but she is her own reward. Just give me a tall ship and a star to steer by. The sea is in our language and our thoughts.


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Fire day

Yes, it is the day that everyone has been waiting for. Today is fire day. Ok, probably no one has been waiting for fire day. But today is the day I've dedicated to blogging about fire.

But what exactly does it mean to blog about fire. It is not just powerful exothermic chemical reaction. It is more accurate to say that this is a day to blog about what fire symbolizes. Fire has always been one of our most important tools. It provides light, heat, protection and has enabled us to make yet more tools. Pottery, copper, bronze, plastics and chocolate cheesecake; none of these would exist without fire.

On the television show survivor fire is supposed to symbolize life. Fire is supposed to have been stolen from the gods by Prometheus, and given to man (Zeus was displeased by this and ended up flipping the bird at him). Fire is incredibly destructive, but is a force which we have learned to control and manipulate. Fire is power, and it is something that we have always quested after.

I will focus on the energy and power aspect of fire. Power in all its forms from political to technology. It truly set us apart from the other animals, in that we alone knew how to control it. It beat back the dark, and gave us protection from the beasts that prowled the night. Now the fire most us use is electrical. Yet there is just something about a campfire that captivates us.

The camp fire is the original hearth. Since we first migrated out of Africa along the south Asian coast, it was no doubt fueled by drift wood which would give it a sparkly quality. It was the central aspect of the camp. It beat back the dark, and no doubt much as we have always done we told stories around it. It let us talk about the events of the day, and plan for the next. It was the original school, where children were taught the culture of the clan.

It was also where children learned both about the benefit and the dangers of fire. Imagine how dangerous a campfire is, with children of all ages grouped around it. They have to learn the rules of fire. Children have to learn that fire can be used for good or for ill. It is important to respect fire, yet not to be fearful of it.

Today we are running out of fuel for one of the major fires. There is a limited amount of oil that can be pumped and processed right now. Yet we have at our fingertips the knowledge of how to use nuclear fire. Fire which can give us the hydrogen we need to fuel our vehicles. Unfortunately too many people are fearful of it.

Yes nuclear power can be dangerous, and of magnitude that is thousands of times greater then the old camp fire. Yet we have also developed mechanisims that make it safe. It needs to be respected and not feared. Where would we be if we decided to give up fire just because someone was accidently burned. Chernobyl was a disaster, yet we must draw lessons from it and not fear.

All forms of power have their downsides. However there are too many of us to go back to the campfire, or give it up all together. Nuclear offers are best bet. Pebble-bed technology seems to be the best option right now. It is time to start talking about nuclear from a standpoint of respect and not one of fear. Two or three stage disposal methods, pebble bed, safe construction methods and transportation methods. All of these need to be solved, but we need to leave our hysteria behind.


Monday, April 24, 2006

Moon Mondays

As we progress through the cycle that is the week, we arrive at Monday. The moon has long been a symbol of the mystic. So I dedicate Monday's to topics of the mysteries. Religion, myth, psycology, the mind and the inner self are the topics of the day.

We have found evidence of the spiritual from the earliest of times. Spirits, ghosts, demons and demigods are found in all cultures. They go by different names, and are regarded differently, yet they are a common human trait. It is probably what truly seperates us from the other hominoids. The belief in the spiritual, is it truly what makes us human? Is this what it means to be a Hominid.

To answer that question let us turn to the biggest Hominid of them all. BigHominid, is a blogger who currently resides in South Korea. He often has insightful posts on Budhisim and other spiritual matters. He is scatalogicaly inclined like some others in the blogsphere, but he is well worth the read. Like the cartoon Southpark, the casual reader should be advised that "no one should read this blog."

He is wrong about many things. Yes vinegar does taste sour not bitter. But for those with an open mind, one can find insight. You just have to bring your hip waders with you to do it.

His articles on the spiritual are on the left side. Be prepared for some interesting pics before you get to them. Follow his instructions for finding the right article. Like all spirituality, the search is sometimes long and often leads down the wrong path. I present his article entitled: Buddhism and no-self.

It is an exploration of what exactly the self is, and the solution Buddhisim provides. It is a wonderful article though, I do think that the Hominid would have a totally different interpretation for "Moon Mondays." However, I think that even those chasms can be overcome.


Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sad carnival of the Cats

The carnival is up over at Animal Family. Sadly though their pet rabbit passed away today. It is always sad to lose a beloved pet. I am still coming to terms with my own loss of four months ago.

I just want to hug my two girls now. It is so sad that small furry creatures which have so much love to give, have so little time with us. Hug your furred ones tonight.


Sunday Space post ~ Spirit and Opportunity

Today is Sunday, the day when I post about astronomy, space and the exploration of the next frontier.

To start off the Space posts, I give you the Mars Rovers. These little robots really need a medal for going above and beyond the call of duty. The original mission was scheduled for three months. It has now been over two years, and though age is creeping up on them, they are still going.

The major problem that was supposed to shut the rovers down was the accumulation of dust on the solar panels. Why Nasa didn't come up with a fan, or some sort of wiper to get the dust off is beyond me. However, it seems that this problem was overcome by our spunky little rovers.

It is now heading into the Martian winter, when our little photovore Spirit will have limited energy. The last update on the Nasa page is from April 12, 2006. Spirit has reached a safe spot, and has settled down to hibernate through the long Martian winter. It is now at 'Low Ridge Haven,' and will spend the next eight months there. Though one of it's wheels is jammed, the little rover is showing the tremendous spirit for which it is named.

Opportunity however is on yet another quest. It is currently treking toward Victoria crater. It has spied an interesting and tantilizing bit of sedimentary rock that was exposed by the cosmic collision that created the crater. Hopefully it will achieve a great victory, and discover many new things.

It is just too bad that the two rovers are too far apart to realisticaly drive towards each other. It would have been nice to have a grand meet up. Though maybe when we do get to Mars, we can refurbish both rovers. Give them the power, to drive towards each other and meet again. Not only have the two contributed to our knowledge of Mars but also to our knowledge and expectations of rovers.

What we need is more long endurance space craft. We need rovers and observation satelites that can function for years if not decades. We need to make them so that we can even send repair and upgrade packages to them. Each one of these expeditions are costly and it would be nice if they lasted longer then they normaly do. Just think of the possibilities such as sending a repair and upgrade rover, to repair and upgrade the current rover or one of the satilites. Of course we would have to build rovers that are easily upgraded.

Next mission I say we send in several rovers and a repair/upgrade station to the same location. Multiple rovers so that if one rover got in trouble the other rovers could rescue it. A central station that will serve as a hub for the rover fleet. The station will have batteries, and a manipulator arm to repair and upgrade it's rover fleet. These will be big rovers, capable of long range exploration and have swap out mission modules. Until we get to Mars ourselves we will have our little robotic helpers.


Carnival of the Insanities

My tornado/terrorisim post is up at the carnival of the insanities. Everyone should check out all the other great posts in this carnival. I wonder if the insanities will also accept cat posts, after all cats by definition are insane. Or at least my cats seem to behave in weird and strange ways.


Saturday, April 22, 2006

Earthday Saturday

The exclusion zone around the Chernobyl nuclear power station is teeming with life

Thus the BBC says in it's opening graph. The headline screams, " Wildlife defies Chernobyl radiation." What is going on here. It turns out that the disaster has created a huge wild life preserve.

This is also the same thing that is seen along the DMZ in Korea. Both are areas where we just don't go anymore. It is good to see that at least some good has come out of this.

Yes I know it was a day late for this Earthday post, but I will endeavor to do better. Either that or I'll just backdate the post.


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